2023 Sirius Music Party!は、再び小田原三の丸ホールで!!

マーチングをベースに、演奏やダンスで感動をお届けする楽しいイベント、"Sirius Music Party!"。地元小田原市内は元より、各地から吹奏楽部や一般団体のプレーヤーが集います。

2022 Sirius Music Party! (English)

Sirius Music Party held at Odawara San-no-maru Hall on January 28, 2023! It ended successfully!
Players from all over Japan gathered to enjoy the performance in various combinations.  
We got a big round of applause for experiencing and challenging new techniques on the day!  
Massed Band! 
The band players, usually a small group, enjoyed a large and dynamic performance today.

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